Diary of a Writer – July Prompt

Ready for the RNA Gala dinner

July is the month of the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s annual conference. We love you loads, Jan Jones. This year, of course, it’s once again digital. However, I thought you might like to be reminded of the enormous support those of us who don’t sell shedloads get from our friends and fellow writers.

It is and long has been a support that translates into a prompt for me. My first published professional story was a competition entry for Edinburgh Writers’ Club. My first performed drama was for a Traverse Theatre’s new writers’ initiative. My first published novel came through entering competitions. My first appearance in an anthology was through Capital Writers.

Capital Collection by [Kate Blackadder, Jane Riddell, Anne Stenhouse, Jennifer Young]

Along the way THE READERS have boosted confidence. There’s nothing quite like that shy question: “When will there be another Regency?” or “Would you think about a piece featuring my character as the main one? She’s so good to play.” AND REVIEWS ARE GOLDDUST. thank you to those who take the time – it is so much appreciated.

My husband and all the family have been behind my efforts and I know I’m lucky there because I’ve seen the pain caused by other halves and families who don’t support or are even embarrassed by a person’s writing.

Editors like the wonderfully supportive Alan Spink at DC Thomson and Maggie Swinburne also of DC Thomson provide great feedback, intelligent insight and prompts.

So as a result of a combination of family support, editorial advice and reader’s requests look out for a Victorian serial and a Scottish regency later in the year.

Short Stories may be calling…

What’s your biggest support, writers? What’s your dearest hope, readers?



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