Coping Mechanisms – 7 – A day in the countryside.

Many readers will recognise this house. It’s Abbotsford the home of Sir Walter Scott and thereafter several of his descendants. I visited it for the first time yesterday and what a good day out that is.

The lower floor of the house is devoted to the great writer and much of what is on display, from skulls to leather-bound books, was collected by him and used by him. For someone like me who is interested in country houses as the places where my characters lived, this one is a conundrum.

There’s no instantly visible staircase. Sir Walter used stairs directly accessing his study. The rest of the household (did that include the servants?) used a stone spiral stari in one corner.

The hall is hung with items Sir Walter collected.

This hardly does credit to the enormous collection of armour and armoury on display. Scott used the items as inspiration and for reference, I think. There were also interesting pieces of furniture such as his desk; and of crockery in the dining-room. Not to mention many family portraits.

The outside aspect of the house and grounds was fascinating and lends me confidence in the warren-like building I’ve currently created for my work-in-progress.

All-in-all (that includes a slice of Victoria sponge in the café) getting out and about again is good for one.

How are you coping?



6 thoughts on “Coping Mechanisms – 7 – A day in the countryside.

  1. I thought their auditory system to guide you round was the best I’ve encountered, easy to use and you could point at items of interest and find out more about them.


    • Hi, we didn’t go for it, but might on another occasion as some of the items on display would justify more explanation. We accepted the ‘free return for a year’ and have stored them where we’ve a fighting chance of finding them again… Anne


  2. Abbotsford is a truly lovely place – the house, the grounds and the cafe and shop too. I’m lucky enough to live nearby and I enjoy walking in the grounds and having the occasional coffee and cake in the cafe.

    Coping wise – I’m taking things slowly – gradually building up to getting a train for a visit to the big city 🙂


    • Hi Anne, the grounds were great and I thought the visitor centre one of the best, if not the best, I’ve been in. I’ve been in several buses, but still not in either a taxi or a train. Nor have I been in any car other than our own. These confidences will return, but they’re clearly taking time. Anne


  3. I’ve never been to Abbotsford in years. Must pay a return visit sometime. I’d be able to get a train from near me to Tweedbank and I believe it’s quite a nice walk from there.


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