Coping Mechanisms – 6 – Out for a meal

Going out for a meal, sans alcohol, is a big step forward as a coping mechanism and merited shoes. Real shoes, folks, not the sturdy lace-ups that go with the well-worn jeans, that represent lockdown fashion around here…

Into the back of the wardrobe dove I.

And it was a first! The first time I’ve ever had to dust my shoes before putting them on. I think they were last seen in March 2020 at the final event we attended before the first lockdown.

Going out for a meal as a coping mechanism had a lot to recommend. There was the chance to dress up, of course, but there was also the chance to support our favourite local restaurant while it waits, like the rest of us, for some kind of normaility. (Rudely shattered this morning by the Glasgow numbers. Maybe there is enough vaccinated population out there. Fingers crossed.) And, for a writer, the chance to people watch.

We were at The Apiary in Newington Road. Excellent food as before and a great selection of non-alcoholic drinks which added to the sense of occasion. DH had an ale, I had a sparkling pink aperitif and we shared a bottle of alcohol free cider.

Walked home admiring everyone’s May gardens in the evening light. Fritillaria Imperialis in yellow and orange particularly impressed. The next week should be filled with clematis and a walk in Marchmont is highly recommended as there are some spectacular plants climbing up all three stories  of a tenement in some places.

Spent a tidy sum on my first visit to a bookshop and have read Lady In Waiting, Anne Glenconnor for the book group and Jane Aiken Hodge’s biography of Georgette Heyer. Am also reading The Corinthian by YKW. Haven’t read it before – How’s that? ed.

If you’re in Edinburgh and read crime, the Christian Aid book sale, much reduced in size and scope, is going ahead today, Monday and Tuesday. there will also be toys and games and I think the cafe. St andrews and St George’s Church, George Street.

Writing news? Sold large print rights in A Debt for Rosalie to Ulverscroft who will bring out a library edition in due course. Yay!

Typed The End on that serial. Phew!

How and where are you on the roller-coaster?



2 thoughts on “Coping Mechanisms – 6 – Out for a meal

  1. Hello Anne, congratulations on your writing successes and wearing those gorgeous high heels. We’ve also been out to dinner but the weather was such that I wore boots! I also ventured into Aberdeen for the first time in months and am very sad to report that the city centre looks like a dystopian world – so many shop fronts boarded up. However, this made me all the more determined to support individual retailers and hopefully, in time, someone new will recognise those empty spaces as an opportunity. Onwards…


    • Hi Rae, I’d certainly need boots in Edinburgh today as it’s chucking it down, and along and bouncing off the pavements… Yes, lots of sdnesses behind those empty facades. Fingers crossed for some recovery. thanks for dropping by. Anne


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