Diary of a Writer – May Prompt

Sadly, the uncertainties of the past year make this image one that recurs to me. Just as the numbers go down, just as the vaccination programme picks up pace, just as life returns to some of the local cafes and non-essential shops – something happens. Perhaps we’re all going to enter an age of irony in our writing.

Personally, I’m onto the final instalment of that serial. Yes, the end is in sight. Also, I delivered my first online talk to my writers’ group, Edinburgh Writers’ Club. It was about drama and the enthusiasm we generated for all things dramatic was uplifting. I re-read Quality Street by JM Barrie later.

I’m making progress with a Scottish set regency. Can hear the characters and am finding their stories.

Courting the Countess, set in George Square, Edinburgh, is available here.

How is your writing going? Does the world feel it’s emerging or is there still too much virus around?



2 thoughts on “Diary of a Writer – May Prompt

  1. Hello Anne, I’m tentatively venturing back into the world, one coffee at a time. Lovely to be able to meet with friends again. Hopefully our paths will cross soon. : )


    • Hi Rae, It does all seem to be at a distance and ‘through a glass darkly’ at present. However, was able to pick up four books I’d ordered from CT yesterday. My reading has benefited enormously. anne


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