Round Robin – January To Do List

Rhobin’s questions are as always pertinent. I’m guilty of seeing what comes along and whether I’d like to get into/onto that. It doesn’t an organised life make.
However, this year there are two projects in hand.
Firstly, I’m deeply into writing an historical serial for the People’s Friend magazine. It isn’t collaborative exactly, but the team of fiction editors do opine instalment by instalment. so that’s ongoing.

City of Discoveries

It’s taken me back to 1869 but to Edinburgh and not Dundee. One project I might add to 2021 is bringing out City of Discoveries as an e-book and POD. I know several of my author friends do this. Check out Kate Blackadder’s Family Stories Boxset here.
Secondly, I’m signed up to offer my thoughts on writing drama for the Edinburgh Writers’ Club in April. This will be a totally new experience as I’ve not done any online talks or workshops as a leader so far. In person evenings discussing the nuts and bolts of drama always leave me thinking “Wouldn’t it be nice to write a play?”
Moving on, though, what’s in my mind?
Having published two pocket novels with My Weekly last year, I’m keen to a) write a short story for the magazine and b) write another PN.
Christmas at Maldington is available here
A Debt for Rosalie is available here.
So there you have it. Modest goals but the way time slides along in our semi-permanent Lockdown (Couldn’t you do one post without mentioning it? Ed) I think Modest is good.
I’m a bit nervous to check out the other contributors as they’ll probably be so much more organised and energised. Ho hum. They are also always entertaining…

22 thoughts on “Round Robin – January To Do List

  1. From modest goals rise great achievements. Sometimes, I think we overshoot what we want to do only to be disappointed by reality. (Okay, that’s me.) This year, I have some big goals . . . For me, but I’m already off to a great start. And I bet you will achieve all of them and wow as a speaker. If you want to write a play, you should. I think you’d be a fabulous playwright. 🙂


    • Hi Bob. greast to see you here. It is the face to face I find my talks feed off – I’d never be an actor as I breach the fourth wall all the time. Thanks for your support. I know I’ve just got to get on with it aas so many others have had to do this year. Anne


  2. However modest, having goals is still good. And achievable might just make it a better list because the sense of accomplishment is always energizing. Good luck with the online workshop/presentation.


  3. Realistic goals is the way to go. I keep a list handy, and cross them off as I get them done. That way I feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Which in turn, inspires me to make more goals. Whatever it takes. We’ll get through this. Writers are nothing, if not resilient.


  4. Modest goals are good. And after al, you published two books last year, E-books and POD are popular, and e-books are not that difficult to format. Price is good, so people will buy them. Go for it!


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