Coping Mechanisms 1

Day after interminable day stretches ahead of many of us. Key workers, on the other hand, may be finding day flashes past day.

The virus numbers make truly miserable reading and the optimism inspired by the rolling out of the vaccines is increasingly suppressed by them.

Chin up, though. Let’s share our Coping Mechanisms.

I’ve moved onto re-reading Jane Austen and am wondering why – where Northanger Abbey is concerned. Maybe all will become clear…

Seriously wondering whether the moment to launch back into Harry Potter might be on the horizon.

Am writing a serial for People’s Friend. That, at least, is going well. Our new Minister has arrived at Mayfield Salisbury Church. Welcome Sandy Forsyth. Zoom have allowed me a link to join the induction – wonder if they’d give me a reference for Eventbrite which is still refusing me tickets for anything.

If you’re on speaking terms with Eventbrite, Edinburgh Writers’ Club has its first meeting of 2021 tomorrow evening. Guests are welcome on payment of a small fee. Speaker is Tom Hodge of Typewronger Books. Situated in Haddigton Place, Typewronger books will post out or, locally, deliver your purchases in present times. Terms & Conditions apply – always wanted to join Claudia in using that phrase. Sorry not to have a celebrity on hand to add glamour – see post title.

Looking forward to walking out today as the pavements are now cleared of lingering ice.

Anyone else missing the buzz that Christmas generated? I’m missing the lovely pine smell of our tree.

Today’s online service from Mayfield Salisbury Parish Church is here.

Other coping mechanisms are available:

A Debt for Rosalie

Christmas at Maldington

Stay Home, folks, Stay Safe.



6 thoughts on “Coping Mechanisms 1

  1. I’m feeling much the same as you, Anne. My own writing provides focus and solace. And I’ve decided to challenge myself by reading more broadly in 2021 and also to do some re-reading. So far, since Christmas, I’ve read a ‘techno’ thriller, two non-fiction books and yes, one from my more customary genre of romantic fiction may also have sneaked in 🙂

    I’m currently re-reading Persuasion by Jane Austen – found it surprisingly dull/difficult to get into this time round – had forgotten how much ‘telling’ rather than ‘showing’ there is – but I’m getting into it now.

    Bit of a thaw here too so, like you, I enjoyed being able to get out for a walk on non-icy streets.

    A Happy and Healthy New Year to you.


    • Hi Anne, Oh dear, Persuasion is the next on my tbr. As you say, getting into the different practice of telling, not showing is difficult. Maybe I’ll give the ‘techno’ thriller a body swerve for now. I do read piles of non-fiction, though. Happy New Year, Anne

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  2. Must admit to having a soft spot for Jane Austen. I studied Pride and Prejudice for O Level and Mansfield Park and Northanger Abbey for A Level. We had an eccentric but enthusiastic teacher who delighted in pointing out what a sense of humour there was in the novels. I used to pass the cottage at Chawton where Jane Austen lived when we went to visit relatives in Southampton. I visited it once and it was a charmingly simple residence. The desk she worked at seemed so tiny.

    With gardening largely on hold at present it is knitting and reading that fills the time although trying new recipes and of course writing also help.
    Ann (from writelink days)


    • Hi Ann, I know. I have a soft spot for her, too. Just with Northanger Abbey, I’m struggling a wee bit. I re-read Pride and Prejudice last year and found it as good as ever. I had a mini blitz on unfinished knitting projects which was very satisfying. Great to hear from you, Anne


  3. Coping mechanisms – not getting dressed/wearing soft, comfortable clothes, daily short anecdotes texted to family (no pressure), reading more books, zoom classes/lectures, designation of household tasks.


    • Hi, Nice of you to drop by and share your own experience of the Lockdown. I was out wearing ‘tidy’ trousers yesterday and, I must say, I enjoyed that. Maybe change is coming… Anne


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