Diary of a Writer – January Prompting – 2021

There have been several positives in 2020 but it’s difficult to claim any that outweigh the horrors of Covid-19. Therefore, I won’t try.

Some of you followed my Lockdown Diary. It was the day by day record of how things were chez Anne. I think it showed the loving attention of family, friends and colleagues that helped with the sheer pressure of the constraints we all lived under. I remain grateful for that loving attention.

Here’s the roundup of the rest…

1.) Yes, it is a bath-mat as the January prompt. It is a bath-mat with no added mould. I expect you’re all better housekeepers than me and knew that rolling the mat and standing it on its end drains it best. Triumph of 2020 – haven’t had to replace the bath-mat. Thanks to visiting retired doctors H & M who left the shower mat in this position and triggered the practice.

Why a prompt? – well, just shows old, elderly, dogs can pick up new tricks.

2.) I have lost weight. Thanks to another doctor and his wife, Michael Moseley and Clare Bailey, I took onboard the belief that being lighter would help me if I caught Covid-19. No fancy diets just two tracks for the train of mental belief to circulate on. One from my daughter – “If you don’t want to eat it, don’t buy it.” One from a friend (also a retired doctor) “A little starving, really.”

Why a prompt? – It’s restored a lot of my wardrobe and a certain amount of self-belief.

3.) A note in a friend’s Christmas card telling me that A Debt for Rosalie now sits on his shelves beside his copies of Scott and Shakespeare.

Why a prompt? – positive affirmation is good for all writers.

4.) Lots of little things and they mostly appeared in the Lockdown Diary. Horrible as it was, 2020 saw me publish two Pocket Novels, re-read a friend’s letters from the early 70s, re-read piles of Georgette Heyer, finish lots of knitting projects and complete some new ones.

What were your own 2020 achievements? Did you also come to view your prioities in a different light?

Happy New Year


A Debt for Rosalie

Christmas at Maldington


2 thoughts on “Diary of a Writer – January Prompting – 2021

  1. Hi Anne
    What a great way to round up a challenging year. There were many, but different, calls on our time and somehow everything seemed to take longer to achieve so it is good to seek out the highlights.

    In response to your prompts I certainly learned a lot of new things last year from using Skype and Zoom to taking advantage of some of the wonderful talks and workshops that appeared from a variety of sources.

    I didn’t actually lose any weight but didn’t put it on either. I reckon the walks around the village and the gardening must have cancelled out the extra calories from eating all the baking!

    My writing achievements were modest compared to yours, but I did send out work which was published and I even tried entering the odd writing competition. Not something I would usually do. I look forward to reading your serial.


    • Hi Ann, thanks for dropping in. I enjoyed your post on WritePhoto, Looking Back, Looking Forward, and recommend it to any of my readers. I will post up the start date of the serial, but that only comes after it’s finished. Currently reading through what I’ve already submitted to find out what people’s hair and eye colours are. Mental gap here for me – even when I write it all down, I get it wrong. Happy New Year – and maybe there’ll be good news from the writing comps! Anne


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