Round Robin – November – Re-blog, Anne Stormont – Staying Safe and Staying Sane – the 2020 Way

This month’s Round robin topic asked us to: Review or recommend a book, a short story, or an online article, or a post on someone’s blog.

As you can see I’ve opted to re-blog a post written last month by fellow Scottish writer ANNE STORMONT.

I think Anne’s post sums up a lot of the experience of writers in 2020 and I commend it to you. My fellow robins will have opted for other approaches and you can find out what by clicking on the links below.

The first book in Anne’s excellent Skye series is Displacement

and you can buy it here.

Not long now till I can share the cover art for Christmas at Maldington with you – exciting to have two books out in 2020. Meantime there are a few copies of A Debt for Rosalie available here:

A Debt for Rosalie buy here

Margaret Fieland
Skye Taylor
Diane Bator

Connie Vines

Fiona McGier
Dr. Bob Rich
Beverley Bateman
Rhobin L Courtright


Put it in Writing

Look away now if you don’t want to read a post with the ‘c’ word in it – and by ‘c’ word I mean Covid-19.

Staying Safe

It’s probably safe to stay, wherever you are in the world, that life during much of 2020 has been difficult, with us all having to get used to a new sort of normal due to the Covid pandemic. But I should say right at the start that I’m grateful that I – and my nearest and dearest – have remained healthy throughout. And I’m doing my bit to keep it that way – for everyone I encounter as well as myself – by washing my hands, wearing a mask and doing the social-distancing thing. It’s really not that hard.

Staying Sane

But with all the restrictions on social life and travel – I’ve certainly found staying sane by looking after my mental and…

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6 thoughts on “Round Robin – November – Re-blog, Anne Stormont – Staying Safe and Staying Sane – the 2020 Way

  1. Having company digitally is the new norm, at least for now and I find myself thanking God and the universe for our digital advances that allow it. Imagine all this social distancing before the internet 0 Now THAT would have been truly isolating.


  2. Re: Ann’s question, I think it’s way too early to start writing Co-Vid into a story. And for me, personally, I don’t specify a year for my stories, because they’re meant to be escapism, not reality. I only enjoy movies that allow me to escape reality–most books I read are the same. I know real life can be grim, with long moments of boredom, followed by excruciating pain. Sometimes there is great joy. I prefer for my books to dwell mostly in the joy part.


    • Hi Fiona, thanks for dropping by. I think we’ll all react differently to putting Covid-19 into fiction. I suspect I’ll start with phrases like – “Of course while travel was restricted”. things that don’t make an issue but don’t avoid a reality. Anne


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