Diary of a Writer – Lockdown casts a long Shadow

I walked out this morning because from around lunchtime my online life is pretty full.

Firstly, and sadly, there’s the funeral of one of my late Mum-in-Law’s indomitable cousins. It’s a generation that keeps on going: keeps on giving and this lady isn’t the last of them in our family.

Then there’s the Badminton chat.

Then, YAY!, the Edinburgh Writers’ Club re-starts. Looking forward to identifying familiar faces and perhaps some new: and to hearing Mason Cross talk about life and writing.

The walk this morning displayed Rosehips rather than roses. They are lovely, but also yet another reminder of a year in so many ways lost. Also heard but not seen, were the local children out enjoying their morning playtime break.

How, regular readers may ask, is the GH project going? Well, I’m now at the stage of looking to buy the remaining ones for kindle. Will probably start with These Old shades.

The virus is very much out there and DH is cancelling yet another 2020 family event. We are all in this together, but the togetherness looks a bit separate from here.



2 thoughts on “Diary of a Writer – Lockdown casts a long Shadow

    • Hi Rae, I don’t know whether lack of options heightens one’s awareness of the sadnesses. Alice was 90 and had lived a full and often interesting life. It brings home to one, when going to the funeral isn’t an option, exactly how hard it must be for closer friends and relatives. As a slightly ‘outer circle’ person, I have often found the funerals of people like Alice to be full of surprise, joy and laughter. The other two events were fun and uplifting. Anne


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