Lockdown diary – 2020 – 134 – Calm Before the Storm

Water lily

Starting the week saw several of the Lockdown norms and quite nice weather. DH finished weeding and reorganising his borders. Great family contact over the phone. Good Zoom meeting of the badminton group. Only six of us could make it this time, but a few e-mailed their news later – so we all feel updated.

The Black Sheep,which is the next GH discovered lurking in the basement shelving, is an interesting read. It has so much of GH’s usual touches but to my mind is ‘prosy’. I was surprised to discover it’s very late, 1966, as I would have said it was a ‘prentice piece. Very readable, though, and with one or two great characters.

Started writing a Scottish Regency. Possibly looking out the photographs I took of George Square for my friend stirred the coals. Whatever, I’m back there in imagination and trying out the voices. Also, I now know what a round gown is – and, more importantly – what it isn’t. Susan Karsten writing on Vanessa Riley’s blog.

Anyone else being driven batty by hotmail’s sudden impulse to correct both one’s spelling (good-ish) and one’s choice of construction (utterly unacceptable)?



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