Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 132 – And On

Greyfriars Bobby – a capital landmark

It’s Sunday and online worship continues to be the norm for most although I did meet a friend last night who was hopeful of attending Mass in her own Church today.

Mayfield Salisbury Parish Church is again offering music and reflections for all here

The church building will be open for quiet reflections on Wednesday evenings between 6.30 and 8pm from 5th August.

Delighted to see Tommy’s return to Mathieson’s yesterday: the world begins to right itself.

Finished The Grand Sophy. I have 20 of the 26 GH regencies. The Infamous Army is one I have failed to enjoy or read all the way through, but if life continues as at present, I may have to make the effort. There was a GH question in the Guardian Quiz yesterday. We scored 7 – nearly respectable.

Now the wip is finished and while I await advice about the serial, I’ve been reading through some of the short stories I have started and left hanging. One or two of them fill me with, if not excitement, hope. Am also dissecting what the writing and editing of the wip involved.

Writers – how do you beguile the time between submission and commission?



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