Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 129 – 130 – Phasing

Devil Baby, Melbourne Festival 2011

Getting our feet clear of the virus is no easy matter. Melbourne is one place where it has raised its might again, but there are so many worldwide. Vigilance is incumbent on us all.

However, when the DH and I made our first trip to a PLACE – The Queen’s Gallery – to view their exhibition of Indian art, we were the only people in the building wearing face masks as far as I could see. Their FAQs indicate they’re only required in certain parts of each building.


The exhibition, Eastern Encounters, was as fascinating as they often are and the absence of crowds of visitors made it so much easier to see the detailed and colourful paintings. Many of them are in groups and tell a story.

Online events are continuing and at the invitation of Nancy Jardine, I joined Ocelot Press’s cocktail hour yesterday to mark the launch of Doorways to the Past, a collection of short stories. Available at 99p – a snip.

Met a friend in that popular cemetery. She’s been locked down in France and is now home. DH played bridge online in a ‘join any table’ mode. He enjoyed it although found the absence of chat a little isolating.

I finished the third version of the WIP and have sent it off this morning. Phew! Did I say I enjoyed editing. Can I edit that comment?

Have started The Grand Sophy and enjoyed the first chapter more than any first chapter for a long time. What a talented and ‘fun’ writer Ms Heyer was.

What about your adventures? Been to a place?



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