Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 123 – A Night at the Opera

Rather a long walk yesterday morning but returned by bus. Most people now wearing a mask. The freezer filling is coming along nicely and it’s such a pleasant change to see where everything is and what everything is. It won’t last, but nice for the moment.

So, the treat at the end of the day was an invite to Scottish Opera’s emerging artists’ end of term, as it were. Conducted by the genius of Derek Clark, the young people sang some delightful, sad or humorous pieces. This event normally takes place in the Theatre Royal, Glasgow with a chance to meet the performers, but like so many other organisations, they’re doing what the regulations permit: and it is better to hear these lovely voices than to not hear them. Information about them is here

DH won at croquet. I re-read the bits the ed doesn’t like and hope the re-drafting part of the brain will be in synch sooner rather than later. Finished April Lady. Not many of my collection left to go and then I need to work out which ones are missing. Caught up with one or two folk on the phone.



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