Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 118 – Royal Recycling

It’s Sunday – again – the weeks keep coming round. Rev Helen Alexander is sharing her reflections in the online worship of Mayfield Salisbury Parish Church, here

Spent most of yesterday in the editing cave and so the world had to revolve without much attention from me. I was looking out for the pictures from the Royal Wedding but they came only this morning. Princess Beatrice looked lovely in a remodelled Hartnell gown (one previous careful owner) and that beautiful tiara.

DH is reinstating the climbers around the garden as they had to be unpinned to let the stonemasons work. Missing in action – one pair of secateurs! Possibly in the same place as the back door key. Ageing is such fun.

More editing on the cards. Full cover reveal tomorrow and on Put it in Writng where I’ll be describing my ‘Writer’s Day’ in a new series for that blog.

I did start to read the book group book. One chapter down. Oh, and we scored 8 in the Guardian Quiz (how much editing? ed)




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