Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 113 – New routines for Old

There may be a cover reveal along soon.

Shopping again locally this morning as I now have a functioning and empty freezer to fill. Bread in first with some rasps. Hoping for a trip out to Craigie’s pick your own soon. We love gooseberries and they are so hard to find in the shops. Currently cooking some chicken which will be the first ‘dinner’ to go in.

Really quiet day yesterday and went to bed early to read fellow Capital Writer, Jo Allen’s book, Death in Coffin Lane. Continued with that this afternoon and the bodies are mounting up. Honestly, Jo is such a nice woman – where does this homicidal urge come from?

DH lost at bridge again – poor cards! The season ends soon…

Haven’t started a new jigsaw. Must reduce my TBR. Really must.

What ways have you slipped into that now need addressing?



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