Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 109 – Westward Ho!

Mombretia is one of my favourite flowers and there were a lot of them in bloom in Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Park this morning. Getting into the park was easy from where we started. Getting out of the park was not easy as so many of the gates are padlocked at present and we had to detour some way – back to where we came in.

Another busy day workwise yesterday and now time to ease off and enjoy the RNA virtual conference. Apparently 250 of us have signed up! No workmen this morning as their present stage in repairing our walls requires dry weather and it was raining. Not in Glasgow, however, which is a reversal of the norm.

Also another delightful meal from Appetite Delivers.

Chefette out of the picture as the food is so much more interesting! Chicken ballantine, ready-sliced, followed by melt-in-the-mouth beef blade. Again, we’ve held back the pud for tonight. Orders for Week 3 are now being taken.

And I won the scrabble – by about 12 points, but Hey, upward trend.



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