Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 105 – The World Arrives

Al fresco Facilities

In fact the garden, where the workmen have arrived, isn’t big enough to merit any al fresco facilities, but it’s a great photo. I took it in Australia and it still makes me shudder. As the person who would always find the King snake by standing on it or the poisonous spider by putting a hand on it, I would have had to continue using the smaller under the bed facilities in the dark. Even in the daylight…

They aren’t actually the first workmen on the premises as we had to have Openreach attend some weeks ago – also in the garden, but it seems like a bigger step as they’re at our wish and not at our need. The world is wakening up a little.

I was reading Allis Gordon‘s post about 100 days of lockdown this morning and was reassured to read that Allis feels she hasn’t written as much as she might. I think many of us do feel that. However, the end of my serial outline is in sight – I think, but who knows?

Rounded off yesterday with a nice chat to one of the family and slept well – having been awake much of Saturday night for no understandable reason. Putting the ironing away gives one a sense of satisfaction out of all proportion to the actual labour involved. Sometimes life is nice like that.



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