Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 101 – Technology Rules

Des Res World War II

The business matters I started to deal with on Sunday are slowly falling into place. However, I have decided for the sake of my sanity that one will be left until later. One looks to be completed. Yay! The third is ongoing, but I did make good progress yesterday, after the domestic goddess stuff convinced me I was on a winning streak, and it’s now a matter of waiting. It did mean I lost all my writing time to it. Using modern technology requires so much embedded knowledge many of us oldies don’t have – I sometimes think I’d have more success baking a cake in the oven above. (Really? Ed)

We’re all good at waiting.

Anyone else from the Edinburgh area remember The Howgate Inn? One drove out and ate spinach soup and open sandwiches in low-ceilinged rooms. It came to mind yesterday when we were eating my spinach soup at lunchtime. I don’t have the Howgate’s recipe, but must have stumbled on their combination – or something close to it – because the flavour and the texture took me right back there.

DH won at croquet and, later, at bridge. I paid the papers and topped up the Stockan’s oatcake supplies – buy local. Storm damage in the garden means I have a huge bouquet of delphiniums gracing the hall.

Looking forward to my Appetite Delivers meal this evening. I’ve secured my date! Will we dress up?

On the weekend of the RNA conference they’re having an online event. I’m signed up and have voted in the online AGM. To mark it and as part of the ongoing 60th anniversary celebrations (thanks Covid- 19) the Scottish chapter is having a facebook event on Sunday 12th July. It will concentrate on historical fiction authors based in Scotland and also members of the RNA. We’d love to see any of you across there and you may discover the writer you’ve been waiting for.

One of the Scots came second in the prestiguous Jane Austen Literacy Foundation competition 2020. The results are here and many congratulations to Mairibeth MacMillan and all the finalists and prize winners. The winner was Cathryn Goddard.

Longish entry this morning. Are your horizons widening?



2 thoughts on “Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 101 – Technology Rules

  1. Loved the Howgate. Had a fabulous birthday meal there once (steak and chips). Only issue being it was so far away there needed to be one non drinker to drive home! Not me that day 😁


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