Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 97 – Webs

I don’t have a photo of a web or net to hand, so here’s one of a barred window – making a cage. Frustrated? You bet.

I had three bits of business to complete online this morning and I’ve managed half of one. Round and round in ever-decreasing circles. Truly, what is the point in sending your customer (all bills paid in full and on time) a website address that does not open in either of two reputable browsers? What is the point of offering to send a text with a security number to a landline which has no display?

Okay, rant over and normal service will be resumed.

Great visit from several family members yesterday. Braving the rain, we rendez-voused in the garden. Fine display of umbrellas. Good progress with the jigsaw. Excellent chicken dish from Hello Fresh. Dreadful score for a second week in the Guardian Quiz.

It’s Sunday and Mayfield Salisbury is online again for any who would like to share. Go here.

I hope your day is moving more smoothly,



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