Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 94 – Seasonal Abundance

Sitting in Princes Street Gardens yesterday with a friend, several thousand ants and one ladybird, I was suddenly aware of how the seasons have matured through lockdown. Our pink peonies are a bit behind as they’re shaded by the magnolia, but they’re here at last and don’t they look beautiful?

Other things maturing during lockdown are people’s WIPs. Cecilia Peartreee, cozy crime writer extraordinaire, has published two which were in process and now a third. She’s describing it as ‘the perfect novel’ because for once everything lined up and gave no nonsense. Please, Cecilia, bottle that and pass it round.

The Heir to Nothing is set during the Napoleonic wars and you can find it here

Lots of walking yesterday as my plan to GET ON A BUS WEARING A MASK came to nothing when the bus in question left on time! Saw two friends and a ladybird. Nice chat with one of the neighbours. Helped DH with his jigsaw. Nearly finished Sprig of Muslin which, like The Toll Gate, takes the reader out of the drawing-rooms and balls into other parts of Regency life.

About turn on schools’ re-start date so everyone back in August. Fingers crossed. Also earlier opening of the holiday cottage market.

I see Courting the Countess is being read on KU. It can be yours, folks, go here

Sunbathe safely, now!



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