Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 93 – Spin would be good

The Laundry

Okay, so my utility room doesn’t look like this but given the behaviour of my 6-month old washing-machine, it might as well. Why does spin not achieve any reduction in the volume of water held by the bath-mat? Answers in the comments please. Meantime I’m going over the instructions (if all else fails, read the instructions) with that fine tooth-comb. (What is a tooth-comb? Ed)

After watching the incomparable Imelda Staunton in Alan Bennett’s Lady of Letters last night, I came upon Gareth Malone‘s The choir. I was entranced by dementia care worker, William‘s, great singing and interesting voice. I’m going to catch up on the whole later and you can, too. It’s on the i-player here

Helped DH by insering 4 pieces into his jigsaw – this one is going to take some time. Cooked that pheasant – it was as good as hoped for. Made Spanish Summer soup from Katie Stewart’s recipe. That was good, too, and will be better today in the heat. Took a walk. DH played croquet and had a zoom meeting. Ordered 50 masks. Sewing ain’t my forte.




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