Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 91 – A New Project


Working in the sunshine on Daisy’s Dilemma


Having sent the completed MS off into the electronic ether yesterday, today, like many other people, sees the beginning of a new project. Many will be heading back into the actual workforce this morning. That might be a strange experience and I wish them well.

Broke up the jigsaw last night to make space for the one DH is now undertaking. Made progress with Sprig Muslin which has the most intractable teenage rebel (female) at its heart: an absolute joy and a recommendation from someone on FB. Had a long walk in the late afternoon between showers. Didn’t meet anyone I knew until I encountered my next door’s. Some housework and Rev Helen Alexander’s online reflections. Listened again to David Greig‘s Adventures with the Painted People – you could, too.

Victorian Edinburgh here I come.




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