Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 90 – Father’s Day

There must be many fathers worldwide today who are unable to meet-up with their offspring. More than is normal certainly. I hope they can all cherish good memories and look forward to creating new ones when we come out the other side.

Stories are surfacing now we’re all out and about a wee bit more. The Scotsman featured a lady who is locked down in an African village but teaching the children how to dance the Gay Gordons. Some neighbours have an adult son in the Amazon where he’s met another person from Edinburgh! (Chances of that?) Actually, on the only visit I’ve made to Chile a fellow parishioner of Mayfield Salisbury Parish Church, came across the breakfast room to tap me on the shoulder. Our visits until then mutually unknown.

And speaking of Mayfield, if you’d like to share reflections, please join us here

WIP became a submission this morning and has gone out into the ether. Fingers crossed. DH won the scrabble – I was not gracious. Supper out of the freezer. Scored our lowest in the Guardian Quiz for months. Family members did sponsored run for medicins sans frontieres. The site is here


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