Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 82 – Shopping

Prickly dress suitable for Bridezilla

I think this dress is displayed in a museum in Manchester – but I could be wrong. It was striking in its own way although I cannot imagine trying it on far less wearing it.

Shopping was on my mind yesterday morning as I ran a wash of some very tired looking underwear. Next up will be some very tired looking tee-shirts. Am I looking forward to the distanced shopping experience possibly coming to a High Street near you? YES!

Okay – we all have our moments.

Yesterday was the fish van. The fishmonger reports new customers as people working from home listen out for his horn. WIP made excellent progress including the writing of a love scene. They’re not my forte – I’m a Georgette Heyer sort of girl – but I rather liked this one. Hope the ed will, in due course, agree. Met book group pal on the way to buy potatoes and had a long chat. We’re both missing the family – nothing like a common interest to cement the bonds. Travelled to Madrid which has a lot of great public buildings and Cornwall which has a lot of very lovely spring-flowering trees and shrubs. DH lost at bridge.

Have you listened to Adventures With the Painted People yet? BBC Sounds, drama on 3?



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