Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 74 – Present Requirements

Copy Lady Macbeth costume

In 1888 Ellen Terry played Lady Macbeth wearing a dress adorned with 1000 beetle wings. Why have I chosen this photo of the replica made by a student? Well, insects are on my mind after my unfortunate encounter with that bee. The reaction may have peaked. (I never like to prophesy where these things are concerned as it can vary so much)

Courtesy of the bee’s activities, yesterday was a non-day for me. I did tune into Nicola Cornick’s Q&A about her new book, The Forgotten Sister. Former Chair of the RNA, Nicola is a renowned historical and time-slip novelist.

Staying home wasn’t a problem for me yesterday. Now trying to think myself into that place where I will wear a mask. I suppose one will get used to doing that.

Which of the requirements of our present lives have you found most difficult/alien?



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