Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 72 – Unwelcome Surprise

So yesterday’s picture of the tomb of Sir George Vernon and his wives (one after the other) Margaret and Maude, attracted a lot of attention on FB. It’s in All Saints Church, Bakewell if you want to see it in reality – after the re-opening of everything.

Today’s pic was taken in the Hercules Garden at Blair Atholl Castle in late summer. If ever a flower was attention-seeking, this is it. I’m posting it because I haven’t ever taken a photograph of a bee or wasp: and why do I need that? Well last night one of said blighters stung me. I was in bed and stretching out to switch off the bedside lamp when a sharp pain alerted me. As surprises go, I’ve had pleasanter, but it’s not the first sting I’ve suffered and usually they are in similar circumstances. They’re not usually when you can see the insect.

A fellow blogger who has taken photos of bees blogs at Wandering Ambivert. Serendipitously, he’s put up a blog today about the skills needed, with fantastic photos. You can see it Here

Apart from the sting, yesterday was much of a muchness. Jigsaw showing crowd faces, The Toll Gate moving along, DH’s garden got some rain. Our armchair wandering took us into America’s canyon country. Zion, Grand and others were jaw-dropping in their strangeness and wild beauty.



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