Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 71 – Reminder of Mortality

I thought quite hard about making yesterday’s post the final one, but lockdown continues and if the trail of cars trying to access Livingston’s re-cycling centre yesterday is an indicator of how we’re doing, then lockdown may not yet be a past phenomenon. So here we are.

My sortie into post non-contact days was to rendezvous with a writing friend, Kate Blackadder – short story whizz, and have socially distanced, takeaway coffee sitting on plastic bags at either end of some steps in a local cemetery. Cheese and paprika scone – me; blueberry scone – she. Given the number of cemeteries and graveyards I’ve wandered in over the years you would think there might be a suitable photograph. Not in fact and I offer the couple above as an indication of our mortality.

Writing, jigsaw, cooking, bridge – him, croquet – him. Next up in the GH list is The Toll Gate. I do think she writes child characters well and in a believable manner. They speak like children and not as if they’ve wandered off the set of a Shirley Temple extravaganza.

Still Rocking Kate Blackadder, a collection of previously published short stories and one NEW. Here

The Birchwood Café, that cheese scone,  contact T: 0131 446 9873
E: hello@thebirchwood.co.uk
146 Marchmont Road
Edinburgh, EH9 1AQ

Fraser McLeod Greengrocer  contact 0131 452 9786

138 Marchmont Rd, Edinburgh EH9 1AQ


Open ⋅ Closes 2PM

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