Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 69 – Blue Sky

Today is Pentecost – fifty days after Easter in the Christian Calendar. Mayfield Salisbury Parish Church is again offering online worship and you can find it here.

The ongoing blue sky situation in Edinburgh is unusual. Normally we disappear under a haar after a couple of days, but not so at present. It’s lovely and warm and relaxing to be able to wander about in summery clothing and keep the doors and windows open. Sadly, like the camel above, we’re really still in lockdown as the virus has not gone away but receded. We need to exercise a measure of restraint in our return to what we were used to.

With that in mind the family had an afternoon tea by Zoom yesterday. Some new haircuts were admired: some garden planting, too. Our takeaway box from Mimi’s, Leith, was full of delicious bakery. We both went out yesterday but no rendezvous although I met some neighbours on my walk. People do seem to be taking it slowly.

I won at scrabble, managed to place around a dozen bits of the jigsaw (it’s hard) and have finished Arabella.

What speed are you at?




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