Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 68 – Home Thoughts

Des Res World War II

Many of us will have spent the time at home planning refurbishment. Maybe there’s a tap that leaks, floor tiles lifting, a door that jams. Maybe it’s just that you don’t like the wallpaper any more. For most of us, that’s the norm.

Into my facebook timeline this morning, dropped an invitation to visit an online shop. Not to buy clothes there’s no prospect of wearing just yet, but to buy chocolate. Very small bars, or chocolate coins are offered by Shelter as an incentive to make a donation. They see a need among those of us who don’t have a tap to leak, a floor tile to lift or even a door to jam. Charities are having to think up ever more interesting and ingenious methods of achieving donations particularly as the charity shops which have supported them are closed. Many of those reading this will have done their bit, but if you would like a donating idea, try here.

An irritation for me over the last few days has been the stratospheric number of spam comments on this blog at post 54 A completion of Sorts. It features the Design for the Eastern Wall jigsaw. I discovered the ’empty spam’ button this morning so it’s less of a nuisance than it was. Any wordpress blogger any idea why the spam should jump from none/3 to 52?

So DH and I headed out in the car for the first family visit carrying our own plates, knives and mugs. Road works were operational and plentiful, but even so, we had a lovely visit with two of the family.

Continuing to enjoy eating in the front room watching the world go by. Hello Fresh arrived, a day later than usual, as they had supply probs. DH won at bridge. World tour was back in Rome. Wearing summer weight clothes. Even I’ve noticed how warm it is. BT spent two and a half hours here yesterday. Hope we’re now sorted. I will have to make marmalade says the little voice at the back of my head…

How was Day 1 out of – where you are?



4 thoughts on “Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 68 – Home Thoughts

  1. I get loads of spam on my WordPress blog too. And sometimes there are large, unexplained spikes. I spent a long time filtering certain words out and that seemed to help although I still get plenty. It’s a nuisance!


  2. Well done on keeping up your blog throughout! I wish I’d done that as I have no idea what has happened chez nous over the past weeks. Not a lot I know, but I’d still liked to have some sort of record of it all.


    • Hi Ann, I know, the time has melted in such an easy way, if one wasn’t directly affected. I watched part of the PF weekly FB live yesterday and I thought Lucy and Alan were looking a little strained. It must have been an enormous challenge setting up and operating something like a weekly magazine from home. And, of course, it’s not over yet. I’ve found the diary helpful in that it gives a focus to my day and might, in a very small way, have brought one or two local enterprises to people’s attention. You’ve been a faithful reader – thank you for that. Anne


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