Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 66 – Exit Strategy, Phase One

About a year ago, this little guy visited our back garden. I didn’t see him arriving – a bit like coronovirus lockdowns – but there he was. Several hours and many phone calls later, there he still was. The azaleas were  a little thinner.

One of the phone calls was to the RSSPCA who were polite but firm. They didn’t interfere with healthy animals as it could lead to them suffering a heart attack. “You’ll be surprised by how high he can jump,” the official said by way of reassurance.

And, so it proved. He did jump into next door’s paved back yard by way of the roof of their garden shed. My heart was in my mouth – had he broken a leg? No. He took seconds to decide this one wasn’t for him, and jumped back into our garden and out over the other wall and hasn’t been seen since. The walls are between 6-8 feet high.

Having watched Bambi’s performance, I understand why deer fencing is so tall.

(And the point? Ed)

The point is don’t go mad, folks. Lockdown restrictions may seem a bit like deer fencing – but they’re there for a purpose, too.

We had a scrumptious dinner through the The Little Chartroom and you can see next week’s menu here



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