Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 64 – That Early Bird

Has somebody told the birds Midsummer is galloping towards us? Is that why they’re shouting the odds at 4am? Normally I go back to sleep, but the last couple of mornings I haven’t managed that until nearly 6am so I yawn as I type.

Message from family member looking for pizza recipe from his youth. Curiously DH and I were looking that up recently so I know exactly where it is now. It was a permanent feature of the kitchen noticeboard for ten years.

Great excitement yesterday when the window cleaner’s brush on its extending pole landed on my study window. Although he couldn’t go round the back, it is nice to have the front glass gleaming.

Further great excitement as the RNA announced its virtual Conference programme and the raising of a glass to our 60th Anniversary Year. Also an article in this morning’s Scotsman about how the Botanics is beginning to rev up in the expectation of re-opening. Cannot wait…

Off out to pay the papaer bill. Three Cheers for all those little and local shops who’ve kept us going. Lovely gift of hot smoked salmon bought by a family member through another local initiative, The Stockbridge Market. Together with the Grassmarket Market and the Leith Market, they’re operating a click and collect scheme. See their website Here



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