Lockdown Diary -2020 – 61 – Silence on the Airwaves

There’s an off-site, underground fault on our telephone cable which caused us to have large parts of the day disconnected yesterday. I thought I might have to miss an entry. Worse, DH, thought he might miss the online bridge: arrangements for a Sub were in hand. However, crowing cocks and pigeon post are stood down as the engineers got us up and running again. Thank you.

Out of lockdown is a big thing and where our schools are concerned, emotionally charged. There aren’t school-age children in this house, but many along the street and also in our wider family. Besides, education is something we’re all interested in. Cameron Wylie, retired Principal of George Heriot’s School writes a blog, A House in Joppa, and some of you might find his wisdom helpful. Try here. The entry is Damned Either Way.

Much enjoying an advance copy of a friend’s second book although I’m having to read it on the pc as I can’t get my kindle to behave where the pdf is concerned. It feels good to be ‘doing’ something. Second books are notoriously hard for writers to get out there. You’ve learned a lot about structure and composition, but you have to add in house-style (in advance) and expectations.

Enjoyed two telephone calls from friends yesterday, great fish and the last of the chocolate cake. Next up might be a lime drizzle: I have the limes.

Where are your horizons this weekend?




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