Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 59 – Hibernation

After the Night Before

I slept in! How, when not doing much, can one do that?

Sadly, and while doing huge amounts of wonderful work, this week brings the news that our Royal Lyceum Theatre is in hibernation until next spring. There are several articles explaining the thinking behind this sad decision. Try Alex Wood here

I think the auditorium of the Royal Lyceum is probably my favourite public space and therein lies the problem. Stopping the spread of deadly diseases doesn’t involve people sitting in close proximity for an hour or so at a time.

However, BBC Arts Culture in Quarantine will premiere David Greig’s new play, Adventures With the Painted People on Sunday 7th June at 7.30 on Radio 3. Written for Pitlochry Festival Theatre’s 2020 season, this is a joint production with the Lyceum. Be there.

Okay, and in Stenhouse towers: new jigsaw; all but giving up on Friday’s Child; pre-publication copy of friend’s novel arrived in inbox Yay!; won the scrabble thanks to masterly use of ‘cartels’; armchair travelling to Spain and Orkney.

What’s the biggest miss on your calendar?



2 thoughts on “Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 59 – Hibernation

  1. Biggest miss for me (aside from missing family of course) is getting together with all my friends who have had birthdays recently. A couple of theatre shows have been rescheduled but who knows if they will actually happen now. We didn’t have any holidays booked but I will miss the festivals – the Edinburgh book festival in particular!


    • Hi Joanne, I know. I have another friend whose year revolves around the book festival and the Christian Aid book sale. Not being able to browse the books in a shop is something I’m finding very strange indeed. I bought and read the last book for the Book Group I’m in from kindle – it’s not the same when you want to discuss that bit on page xx. It’s a decade year for several of our friends and family and, like you, we’ve missed out on scheduled ceildhs etc. It will come round and what we need to do now is keep the ship steady… Anne


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