Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 58 – At the Back of the Cupboard

Hand Embroidered Whitework

I think many people will have been turning out cupboards and oo-ing and ahh -ing over some of the items they find there. Not all of it will be the unmistakable quality of the whitework pictured above, but there might be something you’re pleased to see.

My own best find, apart from the innumerable things I put ‘in a safe place’, was a pair of dress shoes. They emerged from their shop box and a layer of dust into the light last winter when I’d just decided ‘no more high heels’ and was I glad to see them. Also bewildered. I had and still have no clear recollection of their purchase.

On the other hand, in the kitchen, there are several shelves I just can’t reach the back of unless I get out a step. So, DH and I enjoyed another pre-dinner drink watching the world go by with some lovely Italian oil and balsamic from a bottle only a year past the BBE date. Many thanks to whoever added that to a Christmas hamper.

Had a Zoom meeting in the morning, a chat with one of the family pre-lunch and watched Colin Firth, Rupert Everett and Judi Dench ace it The Importance of Being Ernest. Also began to exercise the tension in the WIP. How much easier it all would be if I planned it.

Anything coming out of your cupboards?

Courting the Countess



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