Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 50 – Care Needed

This picture was taken of the Clachtoll Rangers’ Hut some time ago. Perhaps the hole no longer exists, or perhaps it’s a bit bigger. The thing about stoats of course is that they bound along in a slinky blur, but at that last hurdle, the entrance, care is needed.

Had a granny-type conversation yesterday with new neighbour. Found some of the tinned fruit another neighbour likes in the shops. Retrieved the box, in date, of cereal I knew was in the back of the cupboard, for Bethany. Finished A Civil Contract which I thought rather a good book in its own right. (What?Ed) (Well, it’s GH so must be good.) Struggling with jigsaw but enjoying the WIP. Now know what the conflict is. (Really?Ed) Well, the misunderstanding, if you like. (Just get on with it! Ed)

Mildly worried about what the scales say but did replenish chocolate supples. Hmn! 50 days. Care Needed.

From the inside an entrance is an exit.

Christian Aid Week



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