Lockdown Diary 2020 – 41 – Harking Back

Spitfire by Bernie Condon at FreeDigitalPhots.net

With all this freed up time at our disposal, the temptation to look back through photographs, journals, music and film/tv collections is being indulged. Also, the anniversary of Peace in Europe, VE Day, is being celebrated and marked.

I watched a marvellous compilation of amateur film shot, some in very rare colour, in 1945. Some of it was shot by an amateur photographer from Musselburgh and some by another from the Dumbarton area. People in London watched the planes overhead believing prisoners of war were being repatrioted in them. One film maker had been at a dockside to capture the big ships coming in and the men being reunited, some after years of incarceration, with their families. I don’t think I’ve ever watched anything more moving.

On a cheerier note, for the Scots, I joined the DH to watch the highlights from that Welsh defeat by the Scots at Cardiff Arms Park. It’s a legend in this rugby-mad family as it was the first afternoon following the arrival of our baby that I went into town. I came back to find the infant on Daddy’s knee, roused from sleep, to watch the closing moments.

Great family distanced visit yesterday, too. I handed over the bags of flour. Made the sultana loaf. Went to bed early.

Online service from Mayfield Salisbury Parish church, with children’s address, is here



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