Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 32 – Scotland’s Gardens

Like so much else this year, Scotland’s Gardens’ Scheme gardens cannot be shared by the visiting public. However, you can enjoy a virtual tour of many of them. The family, knowing how much pleasure we’ve had from gardens’ visits in the past, shared this info today.

Virtual Garden Tours through Scotland’s Gardens’ Scheme are available here

Yesterday, I noticed a pink clematis in almost full bloom while out for my walk. The one across the road is just beginning to open. In several gardens the later white magnolia is starting to open, too. And then we’ll have the lilacs and the May blossom.

Two lots of friends in France are sending photos of their wonderful irises. This prompted the DH to hunt among his files for a collection of irises grown by a late friend in the Dordogne.

Caught a glimpse of Janette and Aljaz teaching an easy dance routine online. Might try it, but don’t hold your breath for the video. Have you taken up any of the online exercise routines?

Also saw a recipe for Shetland Shortbread online and might give that a go, too. You can find it here. That has a higher probability rating than the dance routine…



4 thoughts on “Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 32 – Scotland’s Gardens

  1. Hi Anne

    Enjoying your lockdown news. My shortbread recipe uses rice flour. Will have to try this one with cornflour, now.
    Watched lots of interesting videos in the past few weeks. Yesterday Oxford Preservation Trust had one on the Painted Room, Oxford, part of former Crown Inn where Shakespeare spent time. Lots of other Shakespeare related info on their site for his birthday yesterday.


    • Hi Ann, How nice to hear from you. I’ve not been much of a shortbread baker, but now you mention it rice flour comes to mind. I’ve not done mine yet as the weather is really lovely and it seems a shame to be inside. Will try to look up the Oxford preservation trust. Anne


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