Lockdown Diary -2020 -31 – Realities

The reality of dieting for most of us is that we’re never going to look like this lovely lady.

However, the true reality of food consumption, is that we can make an effort and that effort will be appreciated by our hard-pressed joints, internal organs, clothing seams…

A global pandemic is not the time to lose sight of the over-arching realities of our more normal lives. It may be the time to cut ourselves a little slack, though.

Lindsay Braman, Therapist and Psycoeducator, posted on her Facebook page a hand written list of things we might do to get through each day of staying home. I thought it was insightful and you can judge for yourself here

The Beer Cave, Haymarket, continue to deliver throughout certain Edinburgh postcodes  and this week also have a new delivery of wine. See their Facebook page here

Made progress on the all new WIP. Received payment for the Pocket Novel – it’s a real thing, later in the summer. Started the new jigsaw. Finished Bath Tangle. Had some e-mail letters. Slept in. (Why? Ed)

How is it where you are?



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