Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 29 – Virtual Ladies non-threatening Badminton

Roman Girls

Before we get into any arguments, that’s a collective noun!

Enjoyed a Zoom half hour with some of the ladies from the badminton group. Among so many, there were happy moments and sad moments. It’s such a blessing, however, to be able to see people and keep in touch a wee bit with what’s going on in their lives.

When we come out of this, ladies of a certain age will have become grannies (again). The angst of not being able to cuddle that newborn almost seeps through the screen.

However, the purpose of this diary, long since lost, was to chronicle the behaviour of folk I encountered on my walks and to remind myself in years to come what happened when.

Yesterday, I met a neighbour bemoaning the gang of teenage gulls we’ve acquired this year: what a row. His wife with their dogs. A neighbour enjoying lunch in the sun. The butchers. A few random pedestrians. We’re all being good.

Supper was grilled. Much jigsaw was completed. Bath Tangle is improving now I’ve got to the bit where Ivo begins to fight back. Long chat with pal. Sent some puzzles to a friend and ordered a book from the family run The Book House, Monifieth . You can, too. go here

Also dealt with the re-cycling and I can hear the lorry outside as I type. Thanks, guys.



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