Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 27 – Busy out there

Out to post a small parcel on Saturday morning, I noticed there was more traffic than we’ve become used to. Maybe 4 or 5 cars between changes of the traffic lights.

Spent a lot of yesterday re-reading the WIP in order to upgrade the tension. I always find this a difficulty as my default characteristic is to resolve problems. Sadly, such a trait does not a story make.

Planning meals is not quite a full time occupation. I had bought a half chicken for Easter Sunday, but as fish was delivered, it remained in the freezer. We enjoyed it last night and there’s a little left for today’s sandwiches.

The small parcel was going to someone sitting this out alone. I really feel for the people who are stuck in an empty house with an empty diary due to personal circumstances. Can you think of someone who might be just under your radar?

The DH has re-modelling of the garden well in hand. I’ve taken four files out of the filing cabinet. Hmn!

We’ve begun a jigsaw. Created the edge, but bad light stopped play. I’m not really enjoying Bath Tangle that much. Heresy, I know. I’m finding the heroine, Serena, and her Beau both unlovely characters. My sympathies are going to Fanny and Mrs Floore. Oh well, can’t win them all.

How’s anybody else’s reading? Cooking? Gardening? Cleaning? (You didn’t mention that, Ed)



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