Lockdown – 2020 – 16 – Zoom and that Moon

This is a street-lamp trying to look like a moon. (Brought to you in the spirit of making do as central Edinburgh isn’t the best place to photograph the night sky.) The ‘pink’ moon last night was as spectacular as all the articles had promised, although not actually pink.

Attended my first online Zoom meeting. After a frustrating couple of hours on another online task, it was good to see and speak to some pals. We discussed Andrew Miller’s Now We Shall Be Completely Free. Opinions divided – which is always a good thing in a discussion group.

The fish shop was open. Yay! I met some kent faces on the way there. The newsagent has erected a plastic screen between him and the customer. (More making do.) A friend sent an electronic card which is a touching and much appreciated gesture.

Did no other writing yesterday. Possibly not even a comma.

The RNA have cancelled the 2020 Conference. Inevitable, but so sad. Sympathies to Jan Jones and Annie O’Neill who have done so much behind the scenes.



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