The End in Sight

The Heart Monitor I’ve been wearing for two weeks at the behest of UKBiobank came off this morning and is ready to go in the post. It’s been no trouble at all apart from the question of how to wash my hair and still keep the monitor dry. Answer – bring forward the hairdressing appointment.

The project I’ve been working on for most of the year is almost, almost, tantalisingly close to being – FINISHED. But, unlike a heart monitor, it’s preying on the heartstrings. Saying goodbye to these characters has been particularly difficult and I reduced myself to tears last night as I wrote out one of them. Didn’t even commit fictional murder, just waved…

A modest selection

Writers out there – How is The End for you? Do you have a plan, like the next project waiting in the wings? Do you mine the notebooks?



4 thoughts on “The End in Sight

  1. Well done Anne on getting to THE END (or close to it) of your new novel. I know what you mean about saying goodbye to your characters. I find that very difficult too and really miss them. And yes there’s always a new project waiting.


    • Hi Rae, Thanks for dropping in. I don’t get the heart monitor data as it’s research rather than health check. they send you away with a bit of paper telling you your weight (I knew that), fat content (I really didn’t want to know that, but…) and bone density – Hmn! It’s a fascinating project, though, and on twitter one can see how far-reaching their stats are. Many worldwide projects are benefiting from them. The character – we’ll see. Anne


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