Round Robin August – Coming Soon – Courting the Countess

Really exciting news this month because I can also tell you about a new book in the production process. You’ll have to check back for the cover Reveal and publication date, but meantime, TA RA………………………………………………………….

COURTING THE COUNTESS will be my 4th published full-length romance when it comes out from Endeavour. It’s the story of a young woman whose beauty has been lost in a fire. As such, Courting the Countess, is a most appropriate study for this month’s round robin feature: What mental, physical or spiritual wounds or scars have you used in your stories?

Courting the Countess began life as an entry for the Elizabeth Goudge Award competition when the then RNA Chair, Christina Courtney, asked for a novel opening based on a fairy-tale.

WHAT IF, I thought, the Beauty was the man and the Beast was the girl?

Easy enough to create a physical illness or disability for one of the characters, but what implications does the loss of beauty have for a person? Lots, I would say and thereby was my story found.

Injuries and pain bring with them a loss of confidence and zest for life. Can my hero restore her? What spiritual wounds might he be living with that help or hinder him in this task? There have to be some, I think, in a well-rounded novel or the light and shade is compromised.

Courting the Countess, like my other books also has a lot of fun, dry wit and period detail – 1819, Scottish Regency, Edinburgh. As a writer I don’t believe in whacking the reader with mental, physical or spiritual burden all the way through. Life is a kaleidoscope, but the heroines of any romance need a fair bit of angst to work through and show their characters to best advantage.

If this subject interests you, then please head along to one of my blogging friends, below:

Skye Taylor
Victoria Chatham
Rachael Kosinski
Anne Stenhouse
Helena Fairfax
A.J. Maguire
Fiona McGier
Rhobin Courtright

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12 thoughts on “Round Robin August – Coming Soon – Courting the Countess

    • Hi Rae, thank you. I’m wondering whether the publisher will keep that title as there are any number of others out there with it. Thinking of a new one when you’ve worked with one for ages is really difficult. anne


  1. Congratulations on your new release, Anne. That’s really exciting! And what a great idea to reverse the fairy tale – and totally apt for this month’s Round Robin. I look forward to reading your new story!


  2. Some act as if attractive looks are all a woman has to offer. I reject that BS! As an older woman, I’m outraged that my husband is considered to be “distinguished”, whereas I’m just an old lady. Pooh! Most people have something attractive about them, if you take the time to look for it. And what a cool twist, having the “beauty” be the hero, and the “beast” be the heroine! Good luck with sales of this interesting premise.


  3. Your new book sounds fascinating Anne. So many readers (and authors and I must admit I’m one of them) set their stories in Regency London. Will look forward to reading your book.


    • Hi Victoria and thank you for dropping in. Yes, living in Edinburgh, it seemed much too good an opportunity to miss as we have a wonderful Georgian New Town pretty much intact. Also I went to the English department of the Uni and it’s based in and around George Square – I thin my interest started then. Anne


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