Diary of a Writer – end of the Club Year

100_5916The end of Diary writer’s year at Edinburgh Writers’ Club was marked last night by the AGM and Prize-giving at the Wash Bar, The Mound.

2015-16 saw a varied programme of talks, competitions and workshops. Some were member led and some were the chance to hear a distinguished speaker talk with passion about the area of writing they know and love best.

I’ve personally benefited so much from membership of this club and through it of the Scottish Association of Writers, that I still feel the pulse race as end September approaches. They were the ones who helped me understand what an editor does for you. they were the ones who led me through the maze of genres to find play writing. They were the ones who put up with my angst while I unlearned play writing and took up novel writing. Through being there, I spotted my first short story opportunity and won my first play writing prize, publication, and performance.They’ve certainly been there for me.

Looking forward to our unofficial August rendezvous in the Book Festival Spiegel tent – books, chat, coffee, cake and wine – where else would you find a gaggle of writers except in a similar natural home? That’s on Saturday 27 August between 12 and 2. Come and join us. Find out who we are and whether we can help you write like JK. (The answer’s no, but dream on and we’re very nice.)


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9 thoughts on “Diary of a Writer – end of the Club Year

  1. I completely agree with the benefits of belonging to a writing group, Anne! We had our end-of-session garden party last week which allows us to socialise for a change.


    • Hi Christine, I remember sitting behind you the first time you won a short story competition – a lovely piece about a girl admitting to a crime in changing rooms with a delicious twist in the tail – anyway, I knew by the intake of breath as the adjudicator described it that it was yours. Lovely moment. We miss you, too. Anne


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