Diary of a Writer – April 1st – Not the A-Z challenge


Words were added to the WIP.

Slept in as I seriously overdid the domestic Goddess bit yesterday. However, the first meal from Home Fresh was v. good. Can’t say excellent as I was following a technique for the first time and didn’t get it quite right. Looking forward to tonight’s chef’s choice – we are so lucky having no allergy issues, only preferences to deal with – crusted pork. In addition, marmalade pulp is in freezer.

Right, what happened yesterday? Well, one of my all-time personal favourite comedians died. He was 85 so a good span, but it’s always a wee jolt. Ronnie Corbett entertained us for a long and glittering career as a solo artist, double act and ensemble player. Being Scotland, which is a big village, I have connections. Ie his mum lived along the corridor from a former colleague, I met his brother at an evening event and I dined in the same restaurant as he did one evening with his wife, Anne, Sir Bruce and Lady Forsyth. Being Scots, I did not rush over with my table napkin for a signature. Not having a mobile phone that works, I didn’t have any temptation to ruin their meal by asking for a ‘selfie’. So nothing to speak of really. Enjoyed the tribute programme broadcast by the BBC last night, although it didn’t contain my own favourite which is of Ronnie walking backwards into a fountain.

A-Z Challenge I’ve decided not to sign up this year. Too many other things going on, but I am looking forward to visiting some of the wonderful postings people put out and will highlight a few in my Writer’s diary.


2 thoughts on “Diary of a Writer – April 1st – Not the A-Z challenge

  1. The tribute programme was lovely, Anne. Even had my teenagers laughing! Just shows The Two Ronnies humour is timeless – simpler times!


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