Diary of a Writer

Muse Banner Mariah's Marriage

Muse Banner Mariah’s Marriage

So, (that’s a Facebook start, hmn!), what does the diary of a writer look like and why don’t I wait until 1st April to begin?

Waiting till 1st April and saying it was part of the A-Z challenge would be sensible. So, being a creative, that’s probably out. I can plan and occasionally plot, though. Much to my surprise, I did both for the People’s Friend serial writing competition. Didn’t win, but was short-listed in top six…

Chuffed is me.

…and having planned and plotted, I did find a lot of things easier. For a start, the process showed me when I began to write the first instalment that I had too much story for the proposed word count.

It’s now written and I’m in the waiting stage. More about waiting stages tomorrow.


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