Round Robin – Project the Projects


Thought I’d welcome everyone in this month with a plate of my favourite goodies. With or without the iconic Scottish lion standard a box of said goodies was a highlight among my Christmas presents in 2015. The culprit knows who he is!

So that’s in the way of another 2016 goal entirely – get the weight back into the “I am a size ? comfortably, and not just when I breathe in.”

But we are meant to be discussing the one or two writing projects I’d like to accomplish this year and what obstacles to them I might encounter.

I’ve written, short fiction and non-fiction. I’ve written plays. I’ve written professional letters and reports. I’ve written minutes…I think you’re getting the picture.

I enjoy writing and re-reading my novels, but there are one or two ambitions I didn’t realise in the shorts’ world – and that’s my project for 2016. I want to be published by Woman’s Weekly. For those of you in Canada and the US, this is a weekly woman’s magazine which still features two short stories and a serial each week. There is an Australian version, too. I’ve tried before, but not managed. That being said, when they had a letters’ page, I was a regular, so strictly speaking I have been in W’s W, but not in the format I covet.

So, what am I doing to anticipate any obstacles I might encounter? In the first place, I’ve signed up for one of their workshops in Glasgow in early March. Got the ticket. Sussed the travelling. Sharpened the pencils.

One thing coming up next month is the publication of my first novel, Mariah’s Marriage, in large print by Ulverscroft for their Linford Romance line. That is certainly the realisation of a long term goal. Do ask at your library, please. It’s going to be such a pleasure to hold my book in my hand. I can feel the excitement as I think about it.



Interested in how we writers go about organising our year, then pop across to the lovely Hollie Glover Hollie Glover and any of the others listed below.


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18 thoughts on “Round Robin – Project the Projects

    • Hi Ros, It makes me feel better to learn a writer of your standard hasn’t made it – I’m assuming you’ve tried? Tickets for the course and ‘show’ whatever that turns out to be, have arrived and are stashed safely, but I do know where. As to the book, thank you. I’ll do a post after 1st when it’s in the Ulverscroft monthly list. At present in their catalogue, but no cover pic. Anne


      • You’re too kind, Anne, when you’re such a good writer yourself. I’ve tried WW now and then and it was always my favourite weekly magazine. Don’t think I’ve invested enough time in writing the the correct type of story. But never say never!


      • Hi Ros, yes, writing the right kind of story is the issue, I think probably for both of us as we’re already published elsewhere. It’s the main thing about magazine writing, isn’t it – the editor’s vision? I hope there’ll be tips and insights to pass along. anne


  1. Hi Anne, best of luck with submitting to Woman’s Weekly. That’s a great goal. A frined of mine went on to be accepted by Take a Break, The People’s Friend, and now, after many, many attempts, has just got into WW – and all this was after taking one of their courses. FIngers crossed for you!
    And I’m looking forward to seeing the large print cover for Daisy’s Dilemma. Congratulations on release!


  2. Wishing you the best of luck on your goal with Women’s Weekly. Congrats on print publication of your book, and on your first goal, one of the greatest dangers of writing is sitting too much.


  3. Anne, How exciting to have your first novel in print! I would scream. You’ll have to carry it around, and hold it on your lap, and put it on your bookshelf! That is so exciting. Best of luck in getting into Women’s Weekly!


  4. Good luck with the Women’s Weekly project. When my editor first suggested a write a couple short stories connected to my series, I thought, “piece of cake!” Except it wasn’t. Still needed a beginning, a middle and an end, character development and a story arc, all in just a few words. It’s a whole new skill.


    • Hullo Skye, yes, that’s all so true and then there’s the particular preference of each editor and the house-style of each magazine. I’m really hoping hearing from the horse’s mouth will be the answer. Anne


  5. Have not heard of Women’s Weekly. Is it available on the newsstands? Good luck with your project. The short story market is always difficult, which so many publications dropping them. I hope you succeed. Be sure to let us know.


    • Hullo Anne, Sorry you can’t be at EWC tonight when, as I saw on FB, Burns is one of your principal writing heroes. Hope you’ve got another celebration or two closer to where you are. thanks for dropping by. I hope it’s not too much of a hostage to fortune to say I want to make W’s W, but I do, and have done for many years. Anne

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  6. Hope you do manage your W’sW goal, Anne. Please do share any gems from the course. I’m sure any of us who can’t get there would deeply appreciate that.
    Wonderful about Mariah’s Marriage. Enjoy!


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