April is the Cruellest Month

April is the cruellest month – at least according to the late TS Eliot.

April is also the month when bloggers can join in the fun of the A – Z challenge and post daily, except Sundays, on a topic or at random using the letters of the alphabet progressively.

NOVELS NOW brought you names last year. Many were of characters used in my books and linked to little snippets or points of interest. Some, to cover the more outré letters, were not. Interestingly, someone has recently typed Quarraalia into a search engine (aboriginal name meaning a star) and paid a visit.

So, what might I take as a subject for 2016? Should I pursue it again? Daily posts are hard work, but I enjoyed putting up Winter Wonder over the darkest days of the winter. Help from fellow Scottish novelists, Anne Stormont and Christine Campbell, gratefully acknowledged.

Do you enjoy following something for a month? Do you think Novels Now should jump in again?

Daisys Dilemmal 333x500

http://goo.gl/iMFFVu Daisy’s Dilemma UK

http://goo.gl/DMUXzK Daisy’s dilemma  US

http://goo.gl/4LWt1H Mariah’s Marriage UK

http://goo.gl/JjY907 Mariah’s Marriage US

http://goo.gl/P3lmzk Bella’s Betrothal UK

http://goo.gl/7mh8FI Bella’s Betrothal US


6 thoughts on “April is the Cruellest Month

  1. Go on, I dare you 🙂 I’ve done a couple of ‘stone’ writing challenges for the month of January in the past and put them up on the blog each day. A ‘stone’ being a short – 3 or 4 sentence – observational/reflective piece of prose. I t was enjoyable but also yes, definitely challenging.


  2. Yes, go for it, Anne. Why not combine the two? Make it a stone challenge and an alphabet one? Three or four sentences – reflective/observational pieces – starting with a different letter of the alphabet each day? I challenge you 😊


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