Reading for the RNA Awards Post the Second



So, award of the Teacake to all the lovely people who have signed up and nominated their friend/sister/mum/granny to sign up. No blokes – why’s that? Male authors are represented among the contenders – No, I’m not saying.

But you are not too late. I need THREE Readers per entry and hidden in the comments I have 19 responders. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is for you.

Roses in the Botanical Gardens Sheffield

Roses in the Botanical Gardens Sheffield

Others have sent me names privately.  Thank you all fulsomely.

And my point?

Not all of those people wanted to carry on after they thought about it. That’s okay. Thank you, too, for thinking about it. One or two of you are noted for next year. Awsome.

……………………and my actual point?

Shortfall. There’s still a need for YOU to read some wonderful up-to-the-minute ROMANCE

Leave your name in the comments, please. Anne


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