Launch Day Round-Up

DAISY’S DILEMMA launched yesterday and what a great day I enjoyed chatting and joking with other readers and writers of romance.


Thank you all for visiting even for a short time.

Some Stats from Daisy’s Dilemma’s launch party.

Padraig, courtesy Gill Stewart, was the most popular picture in Daisy’s Dilemma’s launch. When I last looked he’d been visited 169 times. Maybe it’s my peerless prose, but I think there are animal lovers out there and that bad boy fringe holds a lot of mystery.

Women formed the only guests until very late in the day when some young male relatives came aboard. I think the one man signed up, jumped ship earlier.

Supply a photograph of your own daisies was the most popular competition, although quite a few of you knew about Hogarth and gin – should that be gin and Hogarth? I must thank author Helena Fairfax for coming up with the idea of daisy photos.

Being the most popular has made the judging, which as I explained yesterday is entirely subjective, more difficult. So, applying my subjectivity before the second cup of coffee of the day, I’ve decided to award the lovely daisy necklace to Lis Mein for her group of Yorkshire Daisies. Congratulations, Lis. By the way scrolling through just now, I discovered that the pictures enlarge if you click on them. The Event can be found by going into events and then selecting ‘past’ from a list on the left.

Next competition invited you to name a popular saying inspired by the picture of some coffee time napkins and some horned beasts in the field.

Winner is Anne Stormont for her witty answer and also for jumping in. It is, of course, horns of a dilemma. Congratulations, Anne.

Third competition of the day asked in what year the Foundling Hospital ceased to have children living in. According to their excellent brochure, which I purchased on my recent visit to the museum in London, it was 1953. Two people said 1948 with one adding ‘or 1949’. So both close but not quite right. I enjoyed Mary Baxter’s description of the emotion band music stirs in her and so award her the CD of the Foundling Boys Band. However, as Diana Michelle Tidlund was so close, I’m happy to offer her a copy of either Daisy’s Dilemma or Bella’s Betrothal.

Then Hogarth and his Mother’s Ruin which is Gin. Goodness how many of you knew that. So a complimentary copy of Daisy’s Dilemma goes winging out to Wilma Cupples for providing an interesting take on gin and mixers.

You’re all winners for being such lovely guests and here’s another glimpse of that big, bad male animal, Padraig.

Padraig relaxed on hill

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